Nowadays all big tech companies are talking about the metaverse, not realizing that it is already there! Or maybe they do realize it, but in their eyes, it has only one small defect… It wasn’t made by them and they can’t control it. What I’m talking about is an old acquaintance of many of us: Minecraft. If this sounds shocking, crazy, or simply plain stupid to you, just read the article that inspired my Minecraft server. All we need to make Minecraft into a metaverse like the ones that are being proposed now is to make people that are close able to talk to each other (not just texting into the chat). Turns out that there is already a great server plugin for that and all you need to use it is this mod. Of course, you can also play without installing it, but you would miss an important component of the metaverse experience. It would also be possible to integrate “traditional” cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the game. I’m not adding them now, as I don’t see much value in them, at least not in this context. But if many players would like to use them, I’ll add them in the future. For now, this server is just a little experiment to see if people would be interested in the concept, but if this attracts players I’ll migrate it to a proper server with adequate resources.

So how are you supposed to use this space? It’s up to you. You can use it to meet people you already know, to meet new ones, or to just play Minecraft like on any other server and only occasionally hang out with other players. I suggest you install the simple voice chat mod (although not strictly required) and then connect your Minecraft client to or directly to the server’s IP:

What if you prefer to take advantage of Minecraft’s decentralized nature and prefer to have your own instance of the metaverse? That’s great! Since it is possible to link different servers together allowing players to easily go from one to the other(s), if you’re interested I’d like to hear from you so we can link our servers. You can email me at info ‘at’